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4.4 ( 9344 ratings )
Hry Board Strategy
Vývojář: Luigi Fonti
0.99 USD

The aim of this strategy game is to fill the board with more tiles than those of your adversary (the iPad).

You own the red tiles, and your adversary owns the blue ones.

At each turn, you will get a new red tile, with a random number 1 to 20: you can see it below the board. You can put it in any free (gray) place, simply touching the destination cell.

Once you have placed your tile in the target place, if in some of the adjacent places there are blue tiles with lower numbers, they will automatically be changed to red.

Then the adversarys turn comes, and he will put a blue randomly numbered tile in a free place of his choice.

And if there are red tiles with lower values in the adjacent places, they will be changed to blue, and so on.

When the board is full, red and blue tiles are counted. If the red tiles are more than the blue ones, then you win, otherwise you lose.

Hit the Restart button at any time to start a new game.